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Qashti Ki Matargashti- Play and Say

11 Sep

Join us this Saturday for card games, board games, word games AND intense and exciting conversations: we hope to have a range of activities for all to get a chance to hang out, meet old friends and new people and have a bunch of great discussions!

qashti Please feel free to bring snacks and refreshments (non-alcoholic). You’re welcome to bring friends but please keep in mind that this space is only for lesbian, bisexual and trans* persons assigned FEMALE at birth.

Join us on facebook to know the details or call us at 9711282307 for any clarification/direction.


Thank you and Matargashti

21 May

Thanks to your support, the fundraising party was a great success! We had a brilliant time laughing, talking, dancing, eating doughnuts and dinner, and washing it all down with a variety of beverages. We also raised Rs 5000 from the night, which will go towards Qashti expenses. We will put up a full report of our expenses and fundraising till date very soon!

kitesNow, after the fun of the fundraising party, the next matargashti is here! So get yourself geared up for more fun, talks, games, laughter this Sunday. Meet friends, make new friends!

This safe space is open for all LBT and genderqueer people who are female assigned at birth. We will send you the details of the venue once you confirm you are coming, either on the Facebook page, or via phone at 9711282307. See you there!


The Qashti Team

The best laid plans…

25 Feb

Our grand plans for a Qashti picnic got washed away by the unexpected rain this weekend, but there was much matargashti-ing still. A bunch of us showed up to meet at a Qashti member’s house, talked and played games, ate macaroni salad and aloo saag, laughed ourselves silly over Taboo, ate cake and custard, argued about the rules for Uno, ate some more, laughed some more, and had a lovely breezy rainwashed afternoon together. Here’s hoping the picnic happens next time — stay tuned here and on Facebook for the invite, and keep your kites and cricket gear ready!