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The same old questions….

28 Feb

So here we talk on behalf of people who are female assigned at birth but identify as lesbian, queer, bisexual, genderqueer, transgender and many other colours of the rainbow.

All of us must have been bombarded with questions like “when are you getting married”, “you should think about settling down now”, “ how long will you be leading this kind of a gypsy life” etc from well-meaning colleagues, bosses, acquaintances. Friends and relatives say “don’t you have a boy friend? If you have someone in your life tell us, we will speak with your parents”. Parents will try hard to make you feel guilty for not being a “good” ‘daughter’. Here’s a short, irreverent look at how we sometimes tackle these questions 🙂

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How have you handled these questions in the past? Share your answers and funny stories with us in the comments!