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Fundraising and PARTY!!

5 May

Greetings from Qashti! Over the last few months we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of you at our bi-monthly Matargashti meetings and sharing some wonderful conversations and fun times! We have great plans for the coming months: more Matargashtis and fun events, of course but also setting up and starting our helpline for LBQTGFAB people. Here is where you come in: to print brochures and stickers about Qashti, run the helpline and organize our bi-monthly events, we need your help and support!  The eight core members of Qashti each give Rs 100 every month towards these. We also received Rs 1300 from donations at the last Matargashti/ We would love your help in meeting our expenses too – no donation is too small!

We have a list of our expenses for the future – both immediate expenses that we absolutely need to function, and longer-term expenses:

Immediate Expenses (May 2013 onwards)
Type of Expense Item Cost details Amount (INR)
Publicity Brochure printing costs 2000 copies in colour 7500
  Stickers with helpline numbers printing costs 2000 stickers 10000
Outreach — meetings with other organisations working in the community travel expenses mainly, possible booking of a hall/venue for meetings Rs 500 each for 8 people X 5 organisations 20000
Events food, plates, glasses, etc Rs 200 per matargashti (24 events in 12 months) 4800
Helpline Initial phone expenses Rs 250 per SIM card x 2 500
  Initial internet expenses Rs 3000 for a dongle 3000
  Ongoing phone bills approx Rs 500 per month for 12 months 6000
  Ongoing internet bills approx Rs 1000 per month for 12 months 12000
Documentation Stationery ((files, folders, pens, notebooks, binder clips, pen drives)   5000
  Total   68800
Long-term Expenses (2013-2014)
Item Details Units Cost/Unit Total cost (INR)
Space for the helpline and drop-in centre One time brokerage cost 1 6000 6000
Monthly rent for the space 12 6000 72000
Electricity and water cost 12 2,000 24000
Kitchen expenses Refrigerator, hot plate and heater   6000 0
Kitchen utensils
(plates, glasses and cutlery)
  1000 1000
Furniture Air cooler 1 5000 5000
Bean bags, tables, mattress and chairs   5000 5000
Resource pmaterial Books and movies for reference 1 8000 8000
Total       121000

To kick things off, we are having a fundraising party on Saturday 18th May. To buy tickets and get the venue details, please call us at 9711282307 by 16th May.  Suggested ticket price: Rs 150 (less is ok, more is awesome). 

Please email us at qashtilbt@gmail.com or contact us on http://www.facebook.com/qashti.lbt if you would like to donate, participate or support us in any way.

Also, we are trying to set up an office space for Qashti to function from, so any usable office stuff like computers, printers, office furniture that you can donate will be very useful. We are happy to come by and collect it from you if you like.

Thank you so much your time and generosity,


The Qashti Team