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Another way to break the myths

26 Jun

Kyaa tumne sochaa hai ki chitron mein pyaar kaise dikhaayaa jaaye? Kisi vastu kaa chitra banaana to aasaan hai, lekin pyaar, jo ki ek ehsaas hai, use kaise chitrit kiya jaaye?” (Have you ever thought about how love can be depicted in a painting? It’s easy to draw an object, but love is a feeling; how do you sketch that?)

These are lines taken from a double-page spread in the February issue of Chakmak, a Bhopal-based science magazine aimed at children between eleven and fifteen years of age. The words were accompanying a painting by the late Indian artist Bhupen Khakkar. The painting shows two young men sitting on a couch, nestled close to each other. Each one’s limbs follow the curves of the other’s. The quiet, contented smiles of two lovers wearing identical suits speak more about love than a lot of books. As the caption says, “Ve ek-doosre se itnaa pyaar karte the ki unhone ek hi jaisaa suit pehnaa thaa.” (They loved each other so much that they wore suits of the same design) Not only is this an admirably direct attempt to confront the abstract, (as the aforementioned question about love tried to) but also to educate children about homosexuality, an issue which can enmesh children in a quagmire of half-truths and downright irresponsible myths/legends.

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