Film to Film – (6 pm to 6 am) An All Night Movie Marathon

4 Oct

1452195_320894371415041_5653811941736843713_n Qashti is hosting a movie Marathon. We have made an effort to put together queer (not necessarily LGBT, but all kinds of queerness like disability, marginalization, alternate sexual practices and professions, etc.) films from the Global South (Africa, Latin America, and developing Asia including the Middle East). We will have some films curated by IAWRT at Our Lives… to live (OLTOL) and Pirat Dykes/BQFF and few other film festivals.



6 pm to 9 pm


10 pm to 12 midnight


1 pm to 3 am


4 am to 6 am

Please see: 1.) There will be a provision to sleep so people can stay back. But they may have to leave by 6 am(it depends on the venue). Once we have a final guest list, we may ask people to get gaddas/mattresses, and sleeping bags as well (depending on the availabilty of gaddas etc) 2.) It is a BYOD & F event (Bring Your Own Drinks and Food). We will also have some drinks, munchies and food. Very important: Qashti is a safe space for lesbian, bisexual and trans people assigned female at birth. Qashti has a strong anti-sexual harassment policy which will apply at the this event as well. Sign up for the event on Facebook: Or email us at 


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