Girls who look like boys who like boys who look like girls who like girls who look like…

26 Jul

Quick, what’s your gender presentation? Do you dress, look and act like one gender all the time or do you like to mix it up a little? Maybe you wear women’s clothes, act in a feminine way but have a masculine edge?Maybe you wear men’s clothes, hang out with your bros and have a job traditionally associated with men but some part of you is always the little girl in the frock.


Gender presentation doesn’t have to be one thing all the time — or any of the time. People can choose to act one way even if that is not how they feel inside. And it’s a lot of fun to play with!

This Sunday (July 28th) Amalina, a theatre person who has been performing as a drag king (dressing in masculine drag and personifying male gender roles) for several years will be at the Matargashti to talk about how we view our bodies and genders, what makes someone read as masculine or feminine — and how to turn the tables.

Join us for discussion, chai and snacks and some pointers about how to get yourself up as a drag king, when you want to!

Feel free to bring food, drinks (non-alcoholic) and friends, but keep in mind, this space is meant only for lesbian, bisexual women and trans people assigned female at birth.

Please call us at 9711282307 or join us on facebook


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