Qashti ki Matargashti – Movie Evening!

9 Apr

Lights, camera, popcorn! Share the magic of the silver screen with old friends and new at Qashti’s movie night and matargashti this Saturday, April 13, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Here is the line-up!

still from Who Can Speak of Men, dir: Ambarien Alqadar

still from Who Can Speak of Men, dir: Ambarien Alqadar

Who Can Speak of Men?
Directors: Ambarien Alquadar, Ghazala Yasmin, Nihal Ahmed
Languages: Hindi, Urdu
Length: 32 minutes
Year: 2001
A documentary about middle-class Muslim women in India who refuse to conform to gender norms. They describe in poignant detail the everyday struggles they face in order to be true to themselves. The film is striking in the inclusion of a disarming seven-year-old, Chini,who stubbornly insists that ‘she’ is a ‘he’.

poster for Puccinni for Beginners, 2006

poster for Puccinni for Beginners, 2006

Puccinni for Beginners
Director: Maria Maggenti
Language: English
Length: 82 mins
Year: 2007
Allegra, an opera-loving writer in New York, hates commitment, so her girlfriend, Samantha, leaves her. Allegra misses Sam, and resents the accusation that she’s afraid to say “I love you,” but she’s soon involved with two people – Grace and Philip. What she doesn’t know is that they have just broken up with each other! Allegra juggles the two affairs, telling neither about the other; each likes her more and more as her old fears start making her itchy. Things come to a head at an engagement party where Allegra is filling in as a catering assistant.

Followed by discussion, chai, snacks, making friends.

The venue and directions will be sent in a private message to all those who confirm on our Facebook page. Feel free to bring friends, but keep in mind this space is meant only for lesbian, bisexual women and trans people assigned female at birth.

See you all there!


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